Opacity Audits and Preventative Maintenance

ESS commissioning tests for the Land Instruments Mark III installed at a Coal Fired Power Plant in Quezon.
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ESS is the experienced team when it comes to source emissions whether you need stack testing, monitoring systems maintenance and audits, or monitoring and control equipment commissioning.

For more than 40 years ESS has provided annual opacity audits by 40 CFR 60 Appendix B Performance Specification 1 (40CFR60 PS-1). Additionally, ESS has conducted quality assurance requirements by 40 CFR 60 Appendix F Procedure 3, including primary zero alignment method under clear path conditions. 

ESS has experience with SICK, Land Instruments, Ametek-Land, and Teledyne Monitors Labs opacity monitors. From commissioning to preventive maintenance, ESS is your one-stop-shop for Opacity Monitors.   

ESS Maintenance Plans Include:

  • Quarterly Checks
    • System Maintenance
      • Replace Consumables
      • Predictive Maintenance
      • Cleaning of Optical Surfaces
    • Configuration Verifications
    • Zero Compensation
    • Three-point calibration error test
    • Optical Alignment Assessment
    • Data Review and Reporting
  • Annual Services
    • Primary Zero Alignment Method
    • Calibration Error Check
    • Optical Alignment Assessment
    • System Response Time Check
    • Averaging Period Calculation and Recording Check
    • Monitoring Plan Review
    • Data Review and Reporting
  • Trouble Shooting / Rapid Response Services
    • Remote Troubleshooting
    • Onsite Troubleshooting
    • Rapid Response RATA

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