EPA Proposes New Methane Emissions Regulation

Emissions Testing
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On November 2, 2021 EPA announced it’s commitment to propose a new Clean Air Act rule to reduce methane emissions in the oil and gas sector. EPA intends to issue the supplemental proposal in 2022, and to issue a final rule before the end of 2022. Key features of the proposed rule include:
  • a comprehensive monitoring program for new and existing well sites and compressor stations;
  • a compliance option that allows owners and operators the flexibility to use advanced technology that can find major leaks more rapidly and at lower cost than ever before;
  • a zero-emissions standard for new and existing pneumatic controllers (with a limited alternative standard for sites in Alaska), certain types of which account for approximately 30 percent of current methane emissions from the oil and natural gas sector;
  • standards to eliminate venting of associated gas, and require capture and sale of gas where a sales line is available, at new and existing oil wells;
  • proposed performance standards and presumptive standards for other new and existing sources, including storage tanks, pneumatic pumps, and compressors; and
  • a requirement that states meaningfully engage with overburdened and underserved communities, among other stakeholders, in developing state plans.

ESS provides methane sampling utilizing several strategies, including EPA Method 18, Alt-100, Alt-097 – which provide several sampling options, including real-time analysis and intrinsically-safe sampling canisters.

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